Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, reported that the Syrian security forces broke into offices that belong to the movement, and the home of Hamas Political Bureau, Khaled Mashal, and closed all offices run by the movement.The Palestinian Information Center stated that the attack took place Monday, November 5, and that the Syrian security forces invaded the home, and office, of Khaled Mashal, before confiscating all of their properties, and changed the locks on all doors.

The Syrian army also confiscated cars that belong to the Bureau and Mashal.

On Wednesday, November 5, the Syrian army also closed the home and office of the deputy head of the Political Bureau, Mousa Abu Marzouq, in Damascus.

Abu Marzouq stated on his Facebook page that members of the Syrian intelligence – Palestine Branch, sealed his rented home, and his office on the second floor.

The Hamas official further said that “the Hamas movement stands in solidarity with the great Syrian people who are choosing their will and freedom.”