Five Palestinian civilians were killed on Wednesday night as Israeli fighter jets continue to pound the Gaza Strip; the death toll now reached seven by Israeli attacks targeting the coastal region today.Palestinian sources announced that Israeli fighter jets and unmanned drones conducted a number of air strikes targeting central and southern Gaza Strip leading to the death of five civilians.

The sources added that the Israeli shelling targeted residential areas in Gaza City and Khan Younis.

The Health Ministry in Gaza reported that among those killed on Wednesday evening are Ahmad Misharawi, 11 months old; Ranan Arafat, 7 years old; Issam Abu Izah, 23; and Mohamed Al Kasih, 19.

The Ministry added that 40 Palestinian were injured, including several residents who suffered serious injuries.

Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza responded by firing home-made shells and rockets at Israeli targets near the Gaza Strip.

Earlier on Wednesday afternoon two Palestinians were killed, and four others injured, one seriously, by Israeli air strikes targeting Gaza city.

Local sources said that an Israeli drone fired a missile at a car near Gaza City hospital killing Ahmad al-Ja’bari, 52, and Mohamed al-Hiems, 30.

Al-Ja’bari was a commander of the al-Qassam Brigades of the Hamas movement.

Another air raid targeted a civilian car near the Gaza city port on Wednesday afternoon. Local sources said that two men who were inside the car were injured and moved to a nearby hospital.

Furthermore, Israeli F16 fighter-jets fired missiles at residents’ homes in Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip, no injuries were reported.

On Tuesday, a resistance fighter died of wounds suffered last Saturday during the latest wave of Israeli military escalation against the coastal region.

The death of the seven today brings the number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli army since Saturday to 17. While dozens of residents, including children, were injured by Israeli fire and shells in the coastal region.