The Israeli army intensified its bombing to the Gaza Strip, apparently rushing to bombard as much targets at it can before the truce agreement is implemented. The Wednesday Israeli shelling led to the death of 22 Palestinians while dozens have been injured.,Medical sources reported that two residents were killed, on Wednesday evening after the army fired a missile at them while they were driving a motorcycle in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

The slain residents have been identified as Abdullah Hussein, 18, and Mohammad Kamel Abo Odwan, 18.

Furthermore, medics managed to locate the body of Ibrahim Mheisin who was killed when the army bombarded a home in Jabalia refugee camp.

Bodies of five residents were also located under the home of Maher Abu Kameel, in Al-Mighraqa, in southern Gaza.

They were identfied as Maher Abu Kameel, Sa’ady Abu Kameel, Mohammad Abu Oteiwy, and Mohammad Abu Obeid.

Also, a woman identified as Ilham An-Nabaheem was killed, and her mother was injured, after the army bombarded their home in An-Nusseirat refugee camp in central Gaza.

Earlier in the day, medial sources reported that Mohammad Baker, 27, died of serious wounds suffered when the army bombarded Sabra neighborhood two days ago.

The army also killed three Palestinian journalists in two separate air strikes in Gaza City, and in Dir Al-Balah.

Since the Israeli military offensive against Gaza Started eight days ago, the army killed more than 160 Palestinians, and wounded more than 1000; most of the casualties are children, women and elderly due to the fact that the army is bombarding homes in very crowded areas, and civilian facilities in addition to targeting resistance fighters and resistance camps in different parts of the coastal region.

The Maan News Agency reported that ceasefire, mediated by Egypt, will take effect on Wednesday at 9 at night.