Member of the Political Bureau of the Hamas movement, Izzat Al-Rishiq, stated Thursday that representatives of his movement and the Fateh movement of President Mahmoud Abbas, will be holding a meeting in Cairo this Sunday to discuss the formation of a unity government.On his Facebook page, Izzat Al-Rihiq of the Hamas movement, stated that the there will be a meeting in Cairo, on Friday Evening, headed by President Mahmoud Abbas, and Hamas’ Political Bureau Chief, Khaled Mashal, in order to discuss the election system of the Palestinian National Council, and the formation of a higher committee that would supervise the elections of the National Council.

He added that the Fateh-Hamas meeting that would discuss formation of the new government will be held on Sunday February 10.

On its part, the Hamas movement said that its representatives will also be holding a meeting with the Egyptian President, Mohammad Morsi, to discuss the issues believed to be obstructing Palestinian national unity, mainly the issue of political prisoners.

Salah Bardaweel, a political leader of the Hamas movement, said that his movement wants a comprehensive agreement that includes all issues, not “a pick and choose agreement”.