Palestinian activists in Syria issued a study they conducted in corporation with medical centers, human rights groups and locals, and revealed that 1036 Palestinian refugees have been killed in Syria since the clashes started in the country in mid-march 2011.Activists of the Action Group for Palestinians in Syria issued a press release stating that the Palestinians in Syria have been facing ongoing attacks, and are suffering along with their Syrian brothers in the ongoing cycle of clashes.

Half of the slain Palestinians have been killed in Damascus (531 Palestinians), 233 have been killed in the Suburbs of Damascus, 110 in Der’a, 46 in Aleppo, 35 in Himss, 27 in Al-Qneitra, 19 in Latheqiyya, 19 in refugee camps in Aleppo (most of them have been executed in Edlib city after being attacked while conducting compulsory training with the Palestinian Liberation Army on June 11, 2012, 17 in Hamaa and nine in different parts of the country.

%65 (670) of the slain Palestinians have been killed in their refugee camps, and %35 are refugees but have been killed out of the refugee camps in their work places, educational facilities, and other areas.

398 of the slain Palestinians have been killed in the Al-Yarmouk refugee camp, 74 in Der’a refugee camp, 3 in Al-Mzereeb town, 67 in Al-Husseiniyya refugee camp, 4 in Ath-Thayathba town, 2 of Jermana refugee camp, one in Khan Dannoun camp, 26 in Sayyeda Zeina, 28 in As-Sabeena, 8 in Khan Al-Sheikh, 2 in Rokn Ed-Deen, 20 in An-Nayrab refugee camp, 11 in Hamaa refugee camp, 12 in Himss refugee camp, 6 in Al-Ramel refugee camp, six in Latheqiyya and nine in Jindrat refugee camp.

According to data collected by the activists and human rights groups in Syria, 351 Palestinians were killed by shells fired into their refugee camps, 40 under unknown circumstances, 157 by sharpshooters, 328 by gunfire, 59 have been executed, 27 by Israeli military fire across the border.

21 Palestinians have been killed in explosion attacks targeting them, 16 were tortured to death, 14 family members were in an attack targeting them, 8 have been slaughtered, five assassinated, two have been killed after shelled buildings collapsed in them.

Two more have been kidnapped and killed, one have been stabbed to death, one was burnt alive, and one due to lack of medical treated due to siege on refugee camps.