Hundreds of Palestinians marched Wednesday in occupied Jerusalem, carrying Palestinians flags and chanting slogans for the liberation of Palestine and Jerusalem, to counter a provocative procession by extremist settlers who marched in the city chanting “Death to Arabs”. The Police attacked protesters and reporters, and kidnapped 21 Palestinians.The Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA) reported that the Israeli Police used excessive force against the nonviolent protesters, who marched to counter the provocative procession held by extremist settlers, especially since the settlers chanted racist slogans, including “death to Arabs” and “Jerusalem is ours”.

Some settlers even wore shirts carrying prints that symbolize the demolition of the Dome of the Rock Mosque, in occupied Jerusalem.

The settlers also attacked dozens of Palestinians, Palestinian shops and property, and called for the expulsion of Arabs and Palestinians from the city.

The Police also sprayed the Palestinian protesters with pepper spray, and deliberately attacked a number of Palestinian journalists.

Furthermore, the police attacked several Palestinians trying to reach the Al-Aqsa mosque leading to several injuries, including a child, identified as Mohammad Mazaro, 14, who suffered various cuts and bruises.

Cameraman Fayez Abu Rmeila was injured after being attacked by several police officers who pushed him onto the ground, and violently kicked and punched him.

Eyewitnesses said that the Police and undercover units of the Israeli army kidnapped 21 Palestinians after violently attacking them.

The kidnapped have been identified as Mai Abdeen, 30, Ahmad Mona, 12, Mousa Al-Ghoul, Adel Ibrahim As-Salloudi, 30, Ibrahim Shukry Nashasheebi, Majd Al-Ghoul, Majdi Abu Gharbiyya, Luay Ar-Rajabi, 17, Khameeny Abu Ramouz, Abdul-Fattah Abdul-Rahman, Mahdi Haddad, Ala’ Maher Haddad, Daoud Al-A’war, Firas Taqsh, Bilal Taqsh, Tamer Taqsh, Omar Wazwour, Thaer Abu Naab, Bashar Al-Obeidy, Mansour Baghdady, and cameraman Fayez Abu Rmeila.