Palestinian detainee, Ayman Issa Hamdan, who went on hunger strike 27 days ago, rejected an Israeli “offer” for an additional six-month extension of his Administrative Detention, without trial, and demanded his unconditional release.Palestinian Minister of Detainee, Issa Qaraqe’, stated that an Israeli security officer went to the Ofer Israeli prison, where Hamdan is being held, and told him that if he stops his strike, he will “only” receive one more six-month extension of his Administrative Detention.

The detainee rejected the Israeli offer, and said that he is on hunger strike because he is demanding freedom, and not an additional extension to his illegal detention without any charges or trial.

Hamdan started his hunger strike on April 22, and is suffering from a number of health issues, including high sugar levels in his blood, and high blood pressure.

Hamdan, from Bethlehem, was kidnapped and imprisoned by Israel three times, the first in 2004 when he was held under Administrative Detention, then in 2008 when he was imprisoned for 32 months, and on August of 2012 he was kidnapped again, and was placed under Administrative Detention until this day.

In related news, detainee Imad Abdul-Aziz Al-Batran, from Hebron, continued his hunger strike for the third week, also demanding an end to the Administrative Detention that was renewed four times without charges.