Saturday, May 25 2013, a senior Palestinian delegation, headed by member of the Executive Committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), Zakariyya Al-Aagha, headed to Syria in an attempt to find a solution to the difficult situation the refugees face amidst the ongoing war in the country.Al-Aagha stated that the delegation would be holding meetings with different figures and parties in Syria to ensure protection to the Palestinian refugees in the country, to ensure their return as soon as possible, and to end their suffering.

He added that the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria should not be dragged into the ongoing conflict in the country.

The officials will be holding meetings with Palestinian factions, members of the Field Follow-up Committee for Palestinian refugees in Syria, in addition to holding a meeting with UNRWA head in the country, Michael McKenzie.

This is the second visit of its kind to Syria as the first, also headed by Al-Aagha, was carried out on February 10 this year.