On Monday, Palestinan president Mahmoud Abbas met with Egypt’s interim president Adly Mansour in Cairo. The visit to the country was Abbas’s first since the military overthrow of former president Mohamed Mursi, and it is dedicated to talks about the bilateral Palestinian-Egypt relationship and the renewed negotiations between Israel and Palestine.Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his delegation of Palestinian officials arrived in Cairo on Monday on the first diplomatic visit in the country since the change of government in July this year. Upon arriving, the delegation met with Egypt’s interim president Adly Mansour and deputy minister Mohamed El-Baradei.

Last month’s political turmoil in Egypt, that resulted in a military overthrow of former President Mohamed Mursi and his Muslim Brotherhood government, has created certain challenges to the Palestine-Egypt relations.
The Palestinian Hamas party has been accused by Egypt of having ideological connections to the overthrown Muslim Brotherhood.

Since the change of government, Egypt has closed the Rafah border crossing to Gaza as well as 80% of the tunnels used to transport goods into the isolated land strip, an action that has resulted in losses of millions of American dollars, according to PNN.

Along with these issues, the visit also strives to discuss the situation in Sinai and the renewed negotiations between Israel and Palestine, reports The Jerusalem Post.