[August 7] Israeli soldiers kidnapped two Palestinians, one of them al-Quds Press journalist Mohammed Mona, during an invasion into the ad-Dahiya neighborhood, in the northern West Bank city of Nablus. The soldiers detained two Palestinians, 30-year-old Ahmed Mohamed Abu Jamous, and 31-year-old journalist Mohammed Mona, and confiscated Mona’s computer as well as his cell phone.

Mona a worker for the Iranian News Agency al-Quds Press, have previously been arrested four times and served a total of five years in Israeli prison.

Al-Quds Press later issued a statement urging for Mona’s immediate release calling the arrest “outrageous and unjustified” and an act of infringement of the freedom of expression.

During the arrest the soldiers shot teargas and rubber bullets at residents of the area, and later handed out orders summoning many of the residence to attend questioning with the Israeli intelligence.