[Thursday September 12, 2013] The Israeli Police arrested a Palestinian, in his fifties, from Nazareth city allegedly for driving his car, in a high speed, into an Israeli military base north of historic Palestine.The Israeli military and security agency are examining whether the man accidentally drove into the camp, or if he intended to “carry out an attack”.

Israeli Police Spokeswoman for Arab Media, Luba Samri, stated that approximately at eight in the morning, a vehicle driven by a Palestinian from Nazareth Illit, arrived at the entrance of a military base in “Ramat David”.

“After arriving at the main checkpoint, the soldiers signaled to him to turn around, and the driver signaled that he intends to turn around and leave”, Samri said, “But he continued to drive, fast, and smashed the car into the main gate”.

The man was mildly injured in the accident, and was placed under arrest before being moved to a hospital for treatment.

Interrogators of the Israeli Central Investigation Agency are currently interrogating the man in direct cooperation with the Israeli Security Agency (Shabak).

Media sources said that the Shabak and the Police are trying to determine whether the man deliberately drove into the military base, or just lost control of the vehicle.