Friday evening [September 13, 2013] dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded the Al-Isawiyya town, north of occupied East Jerusalem, and clashed with dozens of local youths.Local sources have reported that several military jeeps and a few Israeli police cars accompanied by a bulldozer, invaded the town, and placed a sand barrier connecting the town with the French Hill settlement, built on Palestinian lands.

Mohammad Abu Al-Hummus, member of the Follow-up Committee in Al-Isawiyya, stated that dozens of soldiers were deployed at the entrance of the town, since early morning hours Friday, as part of the strict closure enforced on the West Bank, and Arab neighborhoods in occupied Jerusalem as Israel marks “Atonement Day”.

Last week, bulldozers of the Jerusalem City Council dug a tunnel in the Al-Isawiyya road “French Hill Road”, to prevent the Palestinians from driving near the French Hill settlement.