[Tuesday October 22, 2013] A number of extremist Israeli settlers used sewage water to flood Palestinian farmlands in the Al-Khader town, south of the West bank city of Bethlehem.Head of the Al-Khader Local Council, Tawfiq Salah, stated that settlers of the Efrat settlement, built on lands that belongs to the Al-Khader residents, drowned the lands with sewage water, flooding grapevines and other agricultural lands.

Salah said that the lands are located in Al-Abyar and the Al-Bassa areas, close to the settlement.

He further stated that this attack is not the first of its kind, and that the same areas have been repeatedly targeted by the settlement causing significance to farmlands, in addition to posing health hazards and foul smell.

Salah added that the settlers and the soldiers have been escalating their assaults, closing agricultural lands in Ein Al-Qassis and Ein Masour areas, west of the Al-Khader, by placing sand hills, preventing the residents from reaching their lands.