[Wednesday Evening, January 29, 2014] Eyewitnesses said that Israeli soldiers invaded the al-Isawiyya town, in occupied East Jerusalem, and kidnapped seven Palestinians, including a young woman. Dozens of residents have been injured; soldiers also attacked a pregnant woman inflicting moderate injuries.Eyewitnesses said that dozens of soldiers invaded the Abu al-Hummus neighborhood, in the town, broke into and searched several homes, attacking the residents. Soldiers also used pepper-spray against several women in the attacked homes.

They added that the soldiers violently searched the invaded homes, and kidnapped seven Palestinians, including a young woman.

Resident Ahmad Abu al-Hummus told the Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA) that several children and women, members of his family, were violently beaten by the soldiers, and that his pregnant sister-in-law was moved to a local hospital suffering moderate injuries, but which could terminate her pregnancy.

The soldiers invaded the neighborhood, searching for a young man, and started invading and violently searching local homes before assaulting the residents.

Some of the wounded required medical treatment, due to the effects of tear gas inhalation, and to being spared with pepper-spray by the invading soldiers.

The soldiers kidnapped four members of Abu al-Hummus family, including a young woman; the four have been identified as Mohammad Abdullah Abu al-Hummus, Mohammad Ahmad Abu al-Hummus, Abdul-Karim Abu al-Hummus, and Hanin Abu al-Hummus. Three more Palestinians were briefly detained.

Soldiers alleged that Hanin carried a knife when she was taken prisoner, while her family affirmed she was cooking in the kitchen when the attack took place. And, when she heard a loud noise, resulting from the Israeli invasion, she rushed outside to see what was going on, and was kidnapped by the soldiers.

The soldiers were kidnapping her brother when she stopped out, and jumped on her before arresting her as well.