Israeli occupation bulldozers, on Tuesday, leveled a grab-threatened land in the al-Tur Mountain area in occupied east Jerusalem.Al Ray reports that Israeli authorities had handed the Abu Al-Hawa family a demolition notice to evacuate the 11-dunam land no later than Feb. 13th, a member of the family said to a local news website.

“Three months ago, the Israeli occupation carried out leveling and excavations for antiquities. During that time, a so-called Russian group came in to tell that they are the owners of the land and want to build a church on it,” he explained.

Though the family showed the documents proving the land has been their property for 80 years, the group fenced it and fixed a door at the entrance, he added.

A servant from the occupation municipality of Jerusalem came to the land and gave the family a one-day notice to evacuate.

He informed the family of the existence of a tourist facilities and road construction projects that would exhaust two thirds of the land, according the family member.