Israeli opposition parties in the Knesset announced, Sunday, that they will not be taking part in discussions and will vote on three contentious bills which the government is attempting to pass this week: the governability bill, the Ultra-Orthodox Jews draft bill and the peace-process referendum bill.The Alternative Information Center reports that the decision of opposition parties to boycott this week’s parliamentary sessions was made in a meeting at the Labor party headquarters as a response to a decision by the government to hold one-day discussions of the bills in the Knesset. The opposition claims the importance of the bills means that each one should be open to at least three days of discussion.

According to the session’s plan imposed by the government, at the request of Israel Beiteinu, the governability bill will go to the vote on Tuesday. This bill will raise the Knesset threshold and make it more difficult for the opposition to present non-confidence votes on the government. At the request of Yesh Atid, the vote on forcing military draft for ultra-Orthodox Jews will be presented on Wednesday. The bill on requiring a referendum on Israeli withdrawal as a consequence of peace agreements will be voted upon on Wednesday night and Thursday.