Violence erupted between Israeli forces and young Palestinians, after dozens of soldiers in military vehicles raided various villages in the West Bank, taking with them several Palestinians. Security sources said that Israeli forces raided Jenin city and its refugee camp three times, this past Wednesday, with clashes erupting between soldiers and young Palestinians.

Most wounded residents suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation, and received treatment by local medics. Several Palestinians were also injured after being attacked and beaten by the invading soldiers.

Occupation forces abducted, on Thursday, 12 Palestinians from the village of Zabbouba, west of Jenin.

According to the PNN, sources stated that Israeli troops raided coffee and barber shops belonging to Mahran Jamal Abu Bakr. Forces also kidnapped Muthana Assem Shaban and confiscated an ID and mobile belonging to Tareq Qan’eer, who also works in the police.

Israeli forces abducted, on Thursday, five Palestinians from Azoun village, east of Qalqiliya, including three liberated prisoners.

Local sources said that occupation forces raided the village at dawn, searching several houses and taking with them four Palestinians identified as: Thaer Fares Zamari, 22, Mahmoud Ghaleb Badwan, 23, Ja’far Sami Adwan, 24, and Mohammed Imad Radwan, 23. The forces also arrested Baker Shaher Tawil on Hawarah military checkpoint.

Israeli forces also stormed the villages of Beit Qad, Deir Abu Da’if, Masliya, and al-Zababdeh, set several military checkpoints at the main entrances and hindered the movement of the citizens.