Israeli occupation forces carried out, Monday night, a wide military maneuver in Dotan military camp, evacuated since 2005, south of the West Bank city of Jenin.Local sources said that the occupation deployed more than 40 military vehicles and two bulldozers within the maneuver, carrying out sweeping operations in agricultural lands, using live ammunition.

Hundreds of soldiers broke into the place, cleaned it, and provided it with electricity, Al Ray reports.

The forces erected a military checkpoint near the camp and prevented Palestinian citizens from moving outside of and into the villages of Araba and Ya’bod.

The citizens fear that such procedures are meant to pave the way to re-construct the military camp, which is a source of tension in the region.

Furthermore, Israeli forces destroyed more than twenty barracks and tents, on Tuesday, in the area of al-Maleh, in the Jordan Valley, according to Aref Daraghmeh, head of al-Maleh local council.

He told WAFA that a number of military vehicles accompanied by two bulldozers arrived in the early morning and proceeded to destroy barracks, tents and animal sheds owned by local villagers. Army ordered several families out of the area for hours.

Meanwhile, coordinator of the popular campaign in the Jordan Valley, Rashid Khaderat, said the Israeli Forces declared the area a closed military zone, preventing activists and journalists from entering it.

Khaderat added that the forces seized the remains of the destroyed structures to prevent reconstructing them, leaving the families and their animals homeless. Army forces then headed to the nearby area of Al-Jeftlek to demolish three structures, which have been destroyed and reconstructed several times, he said.