Israeli settlers uprooted, Saturday, hundreds of newly-planted grape vines in al-Khader, a village located to the south of Bethlehem, according to a local activist.WAFA reports that settlers uprooted 350 newly-planted grape vines in ‘Ayn al-Kassis lands located to the west of al-Khader and adjacent to ‘Sde Boaz’ Israeli settlement, Coordinator of the Anti-wall and Settlement Committee in al-Khader Ahmad Salah said.

Salah added that settlers stole the grape vines and metal staples they grew on in a 10 donum-sized plot of land that was recently reclaimed by the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees.

Settlers had uprooted Friday evening 300 grape vines in lands known as Al-Sheʻeb to the west of al-Khader and partly destroyed a trellis.