[Thursday, April 24, 2014] The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that 200 detainees, held by Israel under arbitrary Administrative Detention orders, without charges or trial, started an open-ended hunger strike protesting their continued illegitimate imprisonment.The PPS added that the striking detainees are held in 3 prisons; 80 in Ofer, 55 in the Negev Detention Camp, and 65 in Majeddo.

It further reported that the Israeli Prison Administration started counter measures in an attempt to curb the strike, including transferring several detainees to different tents in the Negev Detention Camp.

Israel is holding captive more than 5,000 Palestinians, including 19 women and 200 children; around 567 of the detainees have been sentenced to at least one life term.

At Least 200 detainees are currently held under Administrative Detention orders.

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