[Saturday, April 26, 2014] Nawal Saady, 53, wife of Islamic Jihad leader Bassam Sa’ady, was sentenced to five additional months, added to her already existing sentence of 20 months imprisonment, and 10.000 Israeli shekels fine.Her family said an Israeli military court made its decision after the military prosecution filed an appeal demanding more detention time for Nawal.

The court accepted the appeal of the military prosecution, and added the four months; in total, Nawal will be serving 2 years in Israeli prisons.

The family denounced the Israeli decision, and said that the court and the military prosecution just want to punish Nawal and her entire family.

Sa’ady was taken prisoner by the Israeli army on January of 2012. The Israeli army also killed two of her own sons.

Her husband, Bassam, was repeatedly kidnapped and imprisoned by Israel, and was also frequently arrested by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.