[Thursday, May 1, 2014] The Legal Unit at the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) stated that hunger striking political prisoner, Adnan Shanayta, stopped drinking liquids, protesting abuse at the Tal HaShomer Israeli Hospital.Shanayta started his hunger strike 37 days ago, demanding an end to his Administrative Detention, but also decided to stop drinking liquids after being shackled to his hospital bed.

Shanayta, 25, from the West Bank city of Bethlehem, told Lawyer Jawad Boulos, head of the Legal Unit of the PPS, that the Israeli Prison Administration moved him from Majeddo Prison to the Tal HaShomer hospital after he started his strike.

The detainee previously spent seven years in Israeli prisons and detention camps, and started his hunger strike 37 years ago after he was detained under arbitrary Administrative Detention orders, without charges or trial.

Also on Thursday, head of the PPS, Qaddoura Fares, stated that 26 detainees held by the Israelis, at the Negev Detention Camp and Ofer Prison, have joined the strike.

Fares said that the detainees, who joined the strike in the Negev Camp, are detained elected legislators and elderly detainees, and that they strike will initially be for one day.

He added that many detainees held at Ofer Prison have joined the open-ended hunger strike.