An Israeli Military Court convicted on Thursday, May 8 2014, two Palestinian brothers of kidnaping and killing an Israeli soldier in the West Bank, in September of 2013. One of them had already been in prison when the incident took place, but allegedly knew of the plan.

The Israeli Radio said that the court convicted Nidal Amer of “kidnapping, and killing the soldier”, and of living and working in Israel without a permit, in addition to another account of “obstructing the investigation”.

Nidal’s brother, Noureddeen, was also convicted in connection to the attack, although he was in prison when it took place, but the prosecution claimed he knew of his brother’s intention beforehand.

Two months after the attack, the Israeli Internal Security Service published a video caught by a surveillance camera showing the soldier, Tomer Hazan, crossing with Nidal into an area near Beit Amin village.

The video shows the two crossing through an opening in a fence installed by Israel near the “Samaria Highway”. Hazan was found dead in a well, south of Qalqilia.

During interrogation, Amer said that he wanted to hide the body of the soldier in an attempt to secure the release of his detained brother, who has been imprisoned by Israel since 2003.

Hazan and Amer worked together at an Israeli restaurant.