Palestinian and Israeli sources revealed, Sunday [May 11, 2014] that, despite the collapse of direct Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, Israel and Palestinian negotiators are still holding “secret talks” in the Jordanian capital, Amman, and in occupied Jerusalem.The sources said that several sessions were held between the two sides, and that direct negotiations are ongoing without any changes to agree upon time-frames.

They said that “negotiations are not restricted by a timetable”, and that the two sides agreed to continue talks, mainly on the files of borders and security, especially since Jordan is directly involved in those files.

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators agreed to continue the talks until reaching a final status agreement, despite the fact that the Palestinians resumed their international campaign aimed at joining more UN and international organizations and treaties.

Israeli media sources said that U.S Secretary of State, John Kerry, is expected in the region this week, to hold a series of talks with Israeli and Palestinian negotiators, and will be holding a meeting with Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas.

Kerry will attempt to reach an agreement on the main issues to be discussed during the second phase of direct talks that started, under American mediation, in July of last year.

Israel failed to release the final phase of veteran Palestinian political prisoners, held before the first Oslo Agreement of 1993, and continued its invasions and assaults, in addition to continuing its illegitimate settlement construction and expansion activities in occupied Palestine, in direct violation of International Law and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Israel is also refusing to hold talks on the future of occupied Jerusalem, the anticipated capital of the Palestinian State, and refusing any withdrawal from the Jordan Valley, hills and areas of natural resources in the occupied West Bank.

Tel Aviv also refuses to recognize the internationally guaranteed Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees, and insists on keeping its illegitimate settlements in the occupied West Bank, including in and around occupied East Jerusalem.

The Israeli army conducts daily invasions and arrests, targeting various Palestinian communities in different parts of the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, in addition to limited invasions into the Gaza Strip, and frequent attacks against fishermen in Gaza territorial waters and attacks against farmers and workers in Palestinian lands close to the border fence, in the besieged coastal region.

The occupied West Bank is now fragmented and isolated by Israeli illegitimate settlements, and by the annexation wall isolating entire Palestinian communities, and isolating villagers from their orchards and farmlands.