The Israeli army shot and injured a young Palestinian citizen in the head, this morning, in the neighborhood of al-Farain, to the east of Khan Younis city, southern Gaza Strip.The victim has been identified as one Saleh al-Fara, age 20, according to media sources.

Al-Fara sustained moderate wounds in the head and was then transferred to the military clinic in the city, medical sources say.

Meanwhile, Israeli military vehicles fired smoke bombs at Palestinian farmlands, burning the wheat crops belonging to a Palestinian citizen, Al Ray further reports.

Civil defense crews rushed to the area, managing to extinguish the fire and preventing the burning of nearby crops.

On November 21, 2012, a ceasefire was called between Israel and the Palestinian resistance, in order to end an 8 day aggression which had killed many and injured hundreds of innocent civilians.

According to Al Ray, the terms of the latest agreement include ending all hostilities between Israelis and Palestinians, and facilitating the freedom of movement and transfer of goods within Gaza.

However, Israel continues to violate these simple agreements by not only keeping crossings under heavy restriction, but with continued gunfire into the Strip, as well, beginning with the very next day following the ceasefire agreement.