[Thursday, May 22, 2014] The Israeli Government of Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Jerusalem City Council, have decided to install 500 surveillance cameras in Palestinian neighborhoods, in occupied East Jerusalem.The Israeli Radio has reported that the cameras will be installed in Silwan, Sheikh Jarrah, at-Tour, al-Ezariyya, in addition to the French Hill and all the way to the Gilo settlement.

The WAFA news agency said the $100 Million project, aims at keep all Palestinian neighborhoods in the occupied city under constant monitoring by the Israeli army and the police, and would be used against the Palestinians in case of clashes and confrontations.

It added that Palestinian families in the occupied city are also concerned about their privacy, as they will be under constant surveillance, even when just sitting in front of their homes, or even balconies.

A source at Netanyahu’s office told the Israeli Radio that the cameras would “boost the sense of security among the Israelis in the area”.