[Saturday, May 24, 2014] As the Pope is launching his visit to the region, a number of Israeli vandals wrote racist graffiti, against Christianity and Jesus Christ, on a wall of a church near the entrance of the Old Town of Beersheba (Be’er as-Sabe’).Local Palestinians in the area said the vandals seem to be sending another message of hate, especially as the Pope is about to visit Israel and Palestine.

A correspondent of the Palestine News Network (PNN) said the Israeli police launched an investigation into the racist attack in an attempt to apprehend the assailants.

A few weeks ago, Israeli police and security forces warned that some Israeli residents might be planning to obstruct the Papal visit, an issue which pushed the police to apprehend several, and imposed restrictions on the movement of a number of Jewish militants.

The move came following numerous assaults carried but by Israelis against Christian holy sites in different parts of the country, especially in occupied Jerusalem.

The attacks increased after the Pope announced his intention to visit the region.

Israeli vandals are responsible for dozens of attacks against churches, mosques and graveyards in different parts of Palestine.

The attacks include writing racist graffiti, burning and attmepting to burn various mosques and churches, defacing tombstones and graveyards, burning cars, puncturing tires, and various other assaults.

On Saturday, Pope Francis kicked off his Middle East Tour, and his first visit will be Jordan, where he intends to meet King Abdullah at the Presidential Palace in Amman. He also intends to lead a prayer ceremony at the International Stadium in Amman.

After his visit to Amman, Pope Francis would be airlifted from Amman to Bethlehem, in occupied Palestine, visit the Church of Nativity, and meet with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, along with various religious leaders, officials, and local groups and individuals.

On Sunday evening, the Pope would land in Tel Aviv for meeting with Israel’s President, Israeli government officials and representatives of various religious groups, PNN stated.