Fifty Palestinian detainees held at the Nafha Israeli Prison, in addition to 15 In Ramon Prison and 15 in Asqalan Prison, said they will be joining the ongoing hunger strike on Palestinian Administrative Detainees, starting Sunday May 25, 2014.Lawyer of the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees, Rami al-Alamy, stated that the detainees would be striking in solidarity with all striking Administrative Detainees, held by Israel without charges — they started their strike 32 days ago.

Al-Alamy added that four striking detainees, who went on strike starting 17 days ago, are held in solitary confinement at the Nafha Israeli Prison.

They have been identified as Majd al-Qawasmy, Eyad Abu Skheidem, Dirar Abu Jamous, and Mousa Halayqa.
He further stated that five more detainees, identified as Ahmad Al-Qodra, Omar ash-Sharif, Mohammad Ramadan, Hasan Salama and Mahmoud Abu Shreitekh joined the strike on May 21, and were forced into solitary confinement at the Eshil Prison in Be’er as-Sabe’.

Detainee Jamal al-Hour stated that the detainees started by returning their meals three days a week, and that they are concerned about the fate of striking detainees, who also intend to continue their strike until their legitimate demands are met.

Similar to dozens of hunger strikes, the detainees are demanding an end to Israel’s arbitrary, illegitimate, Administrative Detention policies holding them without charges or trial, in addition to demanding their internationally guaranteed rights.

Israeli soldiers repeatedly attack the detainees, deny them family visits and the right to proper medical treatment, in addition to constant harassment against them, their families, and various other ongoing violations.

Palestinian researcher, specialized in detainees’ affairs, Abdul-Nasser Ferwana, stated that Israel is deliberately inflicting harm on the striking detainees, and is likely willing to see at least one of them die, in an attempt to break the will of the detainees.

He called for further support to the detainees, and their legitimate cause, and said the strike is very likely to expand.

Ferwana further stated more solidarity actions are urgently needed locally, regionally and internationally to expose Israel’s crimes and ongoing violations.