The Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization condemned, Sunday, the ‘racist’ Israeli campaign led by PM Netanyahu against the Palestinian people and their leaders, under the pretext that the three settlers, recently gone missing, were kidnapped.WAFA reports that the committee rejected Netanyahu’s ‘foul accusations’, stating that they are an attempt to cover up his own failure.

The committee warned of clear intentions by the Israelis to expand settlements in the West Bank and Occupied East Jerusalem, under the pretext of ‘intra-Palestinian reconciliation and the alleged kidnapping of three settlers’, and called upon the relevant international quarters — the US administration — particular to act.

Otherwise, the PLO will proceed to defend Palestinian rights via legal channels.

The committee has decided to continue with all political steps, according to WAFA, in addition to supporting all initiatives in prisoner solidarity.

A special committee is being formed in order to follow up with this issue.

To be noted, Israeli authorities informed the International Committee of the Red Cross, today, that it had cancelled family visits for Palestinian prisoners, this week, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Club (PPC).

Head of the PPC, Qaddura Fares, stated that the decision has nothing to do with Israel’s claim of security measures but, rather, is merely an attempt to impose collective punishment on prisoners and their families.

In related news, WAFA further reports that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned, today, the latest Israeli arrest campaign in the West Bank against Palestinians, including legislators. Threats were also reportedly made against President Mahmoud Abbas.

It denounced the ‘fierce attack’ by Israel, pointing to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu for the ‘terrorist’ and ‘aggressive’ behavior of Israeli settlers, in addition to their illegal presence in the oPt as it continues in violation of the Geneva conventions and international humanitarian law.