The Israeli army has threatened a Palestinian citizen in Beitunia, east of Ramallah, for his part in documenting the killing of two teens during the Nakba Day protest, last May.According to the PNN, the home of Fakher Zayed, age 47, was raided yesterday by Israeli forces, upon which they took him to the Ofer interrogation center, where the interrogator accused him of causing problems for the army by publishing the content of his security cameras.

The video clearly reveals how the Israeli army killed two Palestinian teenagers during solidarity protests, this past 15th of May.

Recent forensic studies, following exhumation, have determined that a live bullet was the cause of death for Nadim N0warah, aged 17. The boy’s father recently released a public statement to the international community, with regard to the unnacceptable circumstances surrounding his son’s death.

Previous tests point to the same scenario for Muhammad Salameh, age 16, whose family declined an autopsy.

Israeli forces have consistently denied that live ammunition was employed during the incident, while Western media and political endeavours have shifted away from the crime, focusing on the current crisis centered around the three missing Israeli settlers.

The PNN further reports that, a few hours later, Israeli forces released Fakher with a warning that, should he tell media agencies or human rights institutions about the killings or fail to remove his security cameras, ‘because they are illegal’, they will cause considerable trouble for him and his family.

Mr. Zayed has asked international institutions to protect him and his family.

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