The Israeli police kidnapped overnight 110 Palestinians; around half of them are children, during protests that swept across Arab towns in historic Palestine.The Arabs48 News Website has reported that massive protests were held in different parts of the country, while protesters also closed various roads, including Tamra-Akka Road and clashed with Israeli police officers who assaulted them.

Ten Palestinians have been kidnapped in the Tamra-Akka (Akko) road area, while the police also used gas bombs, and concussion grenades against the protesters, causing several injuries.

In Nazareth, hundreds of police clashed with protesters, and violently assaulted dozens, before kidnapping 40 Palestinians.

Thousands also held protests in Arraba al-Batouf, in the Galilee, carrying Palestinian flags, and chanting against the hostile policies of the Israeli government.

Many protesters closed main roads and burnt tires in an attempt to prevent the police from assaulting them,
More protests continued in Arab towns in the Negev, while clashes with the police have also been reported, as police officers assaulted scores of protesters.

The police continued to resort to the excessive use of force in an attempt to end the protests.

An Israeli military analyst stated that the protests taking place in different Arab areas in the country, from the Galilee in the north to the Negev in the south, with dozens of thousands protesting the kidnapping and brutal murder of Mohammad Abu Kdeir in Jerusalem, are preventing Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, from escalating the aggression and bombardment against Gaza.

The analyst added the protests are preventing Netanyahu from listening to hostile calls from his extremist coalition partners, asking him to launch a large-scale war on Gaza.

Writing for Haaretz Israeli paper, military analyst Amos Harel stated the mass protest across the country are showing Netanyahu why he should, at the current stage, refrain from declaring a comprehensive war on Gaza.

The statement came amidst Israeli aggression and bombardment on Gaza, resulting, on Sunday alone, in the death of nine Palestinians.

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