The Arabs48 news website quoted Israeli sources stating that the six Jewish Israelis who have been arrested in connection with the abduction, torture and brutal killing of Palestinian teen, Mohammad Abu Khdeir, have carried out a premeditated murder, pushed by nationalistic motives.The sources said the suspects are practically tying themselves to the crime whenever they talk to the interrogators, and affirmed that the killing of Abu Khdeir, who was eventually burnt to death, did not just happen, but was a premeditated crime.

After being kidnapped by fanatic Israelis, Abu Khdeir, 16, was taken to a forest in Jerusalem, where he was tortured and burnt to death.

One of the six Israelis confessed to being involved in the crime, and directly linked the five other Israelis.

The police believe that six Israeli fanatics are the perpetrators due to the overwhelming evidence against them, but claims the murderers “are not connected to any extremist right wing group.”

It said the six are friends, most of them underage, and that there is enough evidence to convict them.

An Israeli security official said the killers are Jewish extremists, and that it is believed they are also connected with the botched abduction of a Palestinian child, 9 years of age in occupied Jerusalem, before they managed to kidnap Abu Khdeir later on.

The Arabs48 said the Israeli Internal Security Agency tried to pressure the family of Abu Khdeir into stating that the motive of the killing was criminal.

The family refused the Israeli pressures, and even handed the police a surveillance tape showing fanatic settlers kidnapping Mohammad.

The police gradually retreated from its initial stances and demands, and said the attack “was likely pushed by nationalistic motives”. An Israeli security officer said he believes “the chances are %70-80 that attack carried a nationalistic motive”.

The Arabs48 said that the time it took, between the abduction of Khdeir and locating his burnt body, was approximately two hours, while one of the investigators said the police managed to know what happened in those two hours.

The autopsy also revealed that the child was still breathing when he was burnt, especially since charred materials were found in his esophagus and lungs.

In addition, first to fourth degree burns covered around %90 of Abu Khdeir’s body, while his skull was fractured, indicating he was struck on the head.

Two days ago, Palestinian General Prosecutor, Mohammad Abdul-Ghani al-‘Oweiwy, stated the autopsy confirms the child was burnt alive.

Israeli Police Arrest Suspected Murderers of Mohammad Abu Khdeir
Chris Carlson – Sun, 06 Jul 2014 21:34:58

The Israeli police have arrested, this morning in Jerusalem, individuals suspected of kidnapping and killing Mohammad Abu Khudeir, according to media reports and Israeli officials.

‘Apparently, the people arrested in relation to the case belong to an extremist Jewish group,’ an official said to reporters with Haaretz newspaper. The paper reported six arrests in connection with the case.

The kidnapping and brtual murder of the young Palestinian, on Wednesday, has led to four straight days of protests riots beginning in annexed East Jerusalem, according to several local media sources.

By Saturday, the violence had spread to more than half a dozen Palestinian towns within the region.

The Israeli police have refused, until now, to officially confirm that the killing was in revenge for the murder of three Israeli youths in the West Bank last month, the PNN reports.

Mohammad Abu Khdeir was kidnapped last Wednesday, at dawn, near his home in Shu’fat, by a group of right-wing Israelis. His body was found hours later in the Jerusalem Forest. Initial autopsy reports show that he was tortured and burnt while still alive.

The identities of the suspects, as well as details about the investigation or the circumstances of the arrest, so far have not been revealed.

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