US Secretary of State John Kerry called PM Netanyahu, this morning, asking him to set specific goals and objectives for the Israeli military’s ongoing ground assault in Gaza, in order that they may avoid more civilian deaths.According to the Palestinian News Network, Kerry’s call confirmed that his government is supporting the strikes, under a pretext of the right to self-defense from the Palestinian attacks.

He insisted on going back to the 2012 ceasefire agreement, which Israel stands guilty of breaking, as soon as possible.

Moreover, according to Egyptian security sources, Mr. Kerry had cancelled his visit to Cairo for the second time, to discuss the Israeli attacks in Gaza.

The PNN further reports that Egyptian media is asserting that this is a strategy to gain some time until Kerry convinces Turkey to participate in the ceasefire negotiations.

In related news, and following a similar resolution passed last week by the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate has voted in favor of Israel’s ongoing invasion of the Gaza Strip.

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