Hamas leadership denied, on Tuesday, that it had accepted a deal for a 24-hour ‘humanitarian’ ceasefire, contrary to earlier claims by Palestinian leadership.According to Ma’an News Agency, Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, speaking for Hamas, said that ‘Yasser Abed Rabbu’s statement that Hamas agreed to a ceasefire for 24 hours is not true and has nothing to do with the resistance’s stand.’

‘We will consider a ceasefire when Israel commits to it with international guarantees,’ Abu Zuhri reportedly added to his statement.

Mr. Rabbo was reported to have said later that Hamas chief Khaled Mashal (see article linked above, for more on Mashal) had agreed to the ceasefire proposal.

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Furthermore, Ma’an reports that all major Palestinian political factions have declared, in a statement, that they were willing to ‘react positively’ towards a 72-hour temporary ceasefire proposed by the United Nations, during an emergency meeting in Ramallah, on Tuesday, which was headed by President Mahmoud Abbas.

The PA, along with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, said that a united Palestinian delegate will be going to Cairo to discuss such a move.

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