The Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported that six members of two families have been killed, and several Palestinians have been injured, as the Israeli army continued to fire missiles and shells into homes in the Gaza Strip.Update – Sunday 11:14 A Palestinian identified as ‘Ahed Badran was killed in an Israeli bombardment, in northern Gaza, while at least ten Palestinians have been injured.

It said that three members of the Sharafi family, including a child, have been killed, and many injured, in Jabalia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

They slain family members have been identified as:

1. Rajab Abdul-Rahman Sharafi, 10, Jabalia.
2. Mahmoud Abdullah Sharafi, 26, Jabalia.
3. Najah Rajab Sharafi, 48, Jabalia.

Four Palestinians of the ‘Okal family have been killed, and several others injured, when an Israeli missile struck their home in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

The slain Palestinians have been identified as:

1. Turkiyya Mahmoud ‘Okal, 60, Rafah
2. Elham Mohammad Mahmoud ‘Okal, 34, Rafah
3. Mahmoud As’ad Mohammad ‘Okal, 18, Rafah
4. Mahmoud Mohammad Naim ‘Okal, 10, Rafah

The soldiers continued to target civilian homes and structure, medical centers and clinics, ambulances, journalists and even medics and rescue teams trying to move wounded and slain Palestinians to local hospital and medical center.

Palestinians Killed On Sunday, August 3
1. Fares Abu Jazar, 2, Rafah.
2. Maria Abu Jazar, 2, (Twins) Rafah.
3. Amani Abu Jazar, 23, Rafah.
4. Issa Sha’er, Rafah.
5. Saed Mahmoud al-Lahwani, Rafah.
6. Hatem Abdul-Rahman Wahdan, 50, Jabalia.
7. Seniora Wahdan, 27, Jabalia.
8. Jamila Jamal Wahdan, Jabalia.
9. Mohammad al-Hour, 30, Rafah.
10. Nasrallah al-Masry, Rafah.
11. Mohammad Ismael al-Ghoul, Rafah.
12. Wael Ismael al-Ghoul, Rafah.
13. Ismael Mohammad al-Ghoul, Rafah.
14. Ismael Wael al-Ghoul, Rafah.
15. Khadra Khaled al-Ghoul, Rafah.
16. Asma’ Ismael al-Ghoul, Rafah.
17. Malak Wael al-Ghoul, Rafah.
18. Mustafa Wael al-Ghoul, Rafah.
19. Hanadi Ismael al-Ghoul, Rafah.
20. ‘Atwa Suleiman Khattab, 64, Rafah.
21. Remas ‘Atwa al-‘Attar (Khattab), Rafah.
22. Mohammad ‘Atwa Khattab, Rafah.
23. Suleiman ‘Atwa Khattab, Rafah
24. Nevin Suleiman Khattab, Rafah
25. Amira Ahmad Khattab
26. Rajab Abdul-Rahman Sharafi, 10, Jabalia
27. Mahmoud Abdullah Sharafi, 26, Jabalia
28. Najah Rajab Sharafi, 48, Jabalia
29. Turkiyya Mahmoud ‘Okal, 60, Rafah
30. Elham Mohammad Mahmoud ‘Okal, 34, Rafah
31. Mahmoud As’ad Mohammad ‘Okal, 18, Rafah
32. Mahmoud Mohammad Na’im ‘Okal, 10, Rafah
33. ‘Ahed Badran, Northern Gaza