Israeli forces kidnapped nine Palestinians from various West Bank areas, on Monday, according to reports by security sources.In the Jenin district, Israeli forces raided the refugee camp, where they abducted four Palestinians after breaking into and ransacking their homes. They broke into several other homes in the camp, as well, serving two notices to appear for interrogation, WAFA has reported.

Also raided were Wadi Burqin and Ya‘bad, just west of the city, where they took one 24-year-old Palestinian and interrogated a previously freed prisoner, after a similar invasion of their families’ homes.

Troops set up roadblocks at the entrance of Jaba‘ and ‘Anza, to the south, stopping Palestinian vehicles and inspecting IDs.

In Hebron, forces stationed near the Ibrahimi Mosque, to the south of the city, kidnapped two Palestinians 14 and 21 years of age.

A 29-year-old Palestinian was taken after forces broke into and searched his home in Wadi Ma‘ali, of central Bethlehem.

Meanwhile, in Jerusalem, WAFA further reports that Israeli police raided the African Community neighborhood, adjacent to al-Aqsa Mosque. One 16-year old Palestinian was arrested after a raid on the family home, upon which he was taken to a detention/interrogation facility in the city.

Also on Monday, the Israeli municipality of West Jerusalem demolished a two-storey building in the neighborhood of al-Tur (Mount of Olives), in occupied East Jerusalem, leaving a family of 17 homeless, according to media sources.

WAFA Jerusalem correspondence said that Israeli police demolished a house belonging to a local Palestinian resident, there, under the pretext of building without a permit.

Owner of the house, Tawfiq Gazzawi, stated that Israeli forces surrounded the house in the early morning hours and prevented the family from rescuing its contents before demolishing it.
The 380-square-meter house was a shelter for 17 family members, he added. No prior notice was given.

Israeli authorities apparently tried to demolish the house in 2006, but were overruled in court proceedings.

While Israel grants itself the “right” to build and expand its illegitimate settlements in occupied Jerusalem and several areas in the West Bank, the vast majority of Palestinians in the occupied city are denied construction permits, and are not even granted permits to modify their existing homes.

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