Palestinian medical sources have reported that two Palestinians have been confirmed dead after the Israeli army and air force fired several missiles into the Nusserirat area, in central Gaza. In a recent tweet, the Ministry of Health in Gaza said four Palestinians have been injured in Rafah, after the army bombarded several homes during early dawn hours, on Thursday. Medics moved them to the Gaza European Hospital.

The Ministry added that two Palestinians have been killed and many injured, some seriously, when the army bombarded Nusserirat, in central Gaza. The two were killed in separate Israeli strikes.

The slain Palestinians have been identified as Jom’a Ibrahim Matar, 27, and Omar Abu Nada, 23.

Media sources in Gaza said the army also fired on several residential buildings in Tal Sultan, in Tufah, in the southern part of the Gaza strip.

26 Palestinians, including two children, have been killed in more than 70 Israeli strikes carried out by the Israeli army on different parts of the Gaza Strip, since Tuesday evening. More than 120, mainly children and women, have been injured.

Israeli missiles and shells have killed around 2049 Palestinians, including 553 children, 253 women, and 96 elderly, since July 8, while more than 10250, including 3106 children, 1970 women and 368 elderly, have been injured.

Gaza Causalities ~ Ministry Of Health in Gaza (Before the latest strikes)

2049 Killed, among them 553 children, 253 woman. (%44 of the total number of slain Palestinians).

1022 injured, among them 3106 children, 1970 women and 368 elderly. (%54 of the total number of wounded Palestinians).

The Ministry said that the Israeli army continues to target entire families, killing in recent bombardments 18 members of four families.

10 hospitals have been bombed by Israel, some completely destroyed.

19 medical centers have been bombarded, 3 completely destroyed.

36 ambulances have been bombarded and targeted, 3 of them destroyed.

23 medics and medical workers have been killed.
82 medics and medical workers have been injured.