Palestinian resistance continues to launch missiles, from the Gaza Strip, into different Israeli targets around Gaza and beyond. This morning rockets were launched towards Ashkelon, Haifa and Tel Aviv, according to the Palestinian News Network (PNN).Hamas’ Al-Qassam Brigades claimed responsibility, this morning, for four M-75 missiles fired towards Tel Aviv, as well as for an R-160 missile which was fired towards Haifa and Ben Gurion.

Sirens were heard all the way from Ashkelon to Haifa and Ras al-Ain, PNN reports. The Ben Gurion airport authority led passengers out of the planes into shelters.

Israeli radio announced that six Israelis had been injured by shrapnel from the rockets which hit Ashkelon this morning. One hit a 14-story building, whereas another was reportd to have struck an apartment in a 4-story building.

Residents near the Gaza Strip were evacuated towards the north.

Ashkelon Mayor, Itamar Shimoni, stated that resistance forces are now using new missiles not previously seen.

Ashkelon schools have been dismissed.

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