Israeli Economy Minister of the extremist Jewish Home Party, Naftali Bennett, said that establishing a Palestinian State is not an option, or a viable solution, and called on Netanyahu to shift his policies.Bennett said that the past two months “should push every person, politician, who believes a two-state solution is a viable option, to void this belief”, and added that ‘Netanyahu should be the first to stop such talks.”

Bennett, who is also a member of the Israeli Ministerial Cabinet, told Maariv Israeli paper that establishing a Palestinian state next to Israel is a false belief.

He also criticized a recent speed by Prime Minister Netanyahu in which he “expressed approval for a two-state solution,’ adding that Netanyahu’s statements and stances “caused harm to Israel.’

Bennett added that, during the recent war on Gaza, Netanyahu’s speeches “focused on reaching a cease-fire agreement with Hamas, instead of focusing on military and security aspects.’

The Israeli official believes Israel should never have accepted a cease-fire with Hamas, and the resistance in Gaza, adding that Netanyahu should have consulted the Israelis, before reaching that deal.

He alleged that all actions adopted by the government and the ministerial cabinet, were originally brought up by the Jewish Home Party, including the re-arrest of Palestinian political prisoners released under the Shalit Swap Agreement, after three Israeli settlers went missing, and were later found dead.

Bennett also said the “strikes Israel carried out against Hamas, and the tunnels, in Gaza, are all issues presented by the Jewish Home Party, and were adopted by the Israeli government.’

Israel’s latest July 8, 50-day offensive on the Gaza Strip, led to the death of at least 2137, including 577 children, 263 women, and 102 elderly, while more than 11100, including 3374 children, 2088 women and 410 elderly, have been injured.

One Week After Ceasefire Took Effect; 108,000 Gazans Remain Homeless