A number of extremist Israeli settlers bulldozed agricultural, and grazing, lands belonging to residents from Deir Estia and Hares villages, north of the Central West Bank city of Salfit.The settlers came from the Revava illegal Israeli settlement, built on Palestinian lands in the district.

The attack is part of Israel’s efforts to expand the illegal settlements on the expense of Palestinian lands belonging to residents of Deir Estia and Hares.

Khaled Ma’ali, a researcher specialized in settlement affairs, said the uprooted agricultural and herding lands have recently been illegally confiscated from Palestinians by an Israeli military order, under different “justifications”.

He said that Israel has already confiscated around 100 Dunams (24.7 Acres) of Palestinian lands in the eastern areas of Hares town.

Ma’ali added that Israel has been bulldozing Palestinian lands in various areas in the Salfit District in order to expand its illegitimate settlements, an issue that increased the suffering of the residents, and deprived them of their livelihoods.