According to local sources, the Israeli army, on Wednesday, seized privately-owned Palestinian tractors and agricultural equipment in ar-Ras al-Ahmar, a small village to the east of Tubas in northern West Bank.WAFA reports that soldiers stormed the village in the early morning hours, ordering farmers to produce their identity cards for them. The soldiers then seized their tractors and other equipment, and took them to a nearby military outpost.

Rabih Khendagji, the governor of Tubas, reportedly condemned the Israeli crackdown on the village and its farmers, describing it as an attempt to devastate the agricultural sector in favor of settlement expansion purposes.

Just a few days ago, the army seized water lines and irrigation networks in the area, according to village mayor, Bashar Bani Odeh, who stressed that residents will remain steadfast in their land despite all Israeli attempts to force them to leave their land.

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Furthermore, Al Ray reports that Israeli forces conducted military maneuvers Wednesday morning in Barata, a village located behind the apartheid wall to the south of Jenin, in the occupied West Bank.

Local sources said forces stormed the village of Barta and its surroundings, where they carried out military maneuvers.

Soldiers conducted a search operation for water wells in the Valley of Jezreel‘s Kafr Dan village, under the pretext that they had been established without a license.

Troops were also reported to have stormed the villages of Arena, Arbunh, Fuqua, Deir Abu Da’if and Beit Qad.

They also erected military checkpoints east of Jenin, stopping citizens’ vehicles and checking the occupants’ identities. No arrests were reported.