Israeli soldiers invaded on Thursday, at dawn, Nahhalin village, to the west of Bethlehem, where they kidnapped four Palestinians; one in Mareeha village, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, and another in Jerusalem.Local sources in ‘Anin said that dozens of soldiers invaded the village, broke into and searched several homes, kidnappeding four Palestinians.

The four have been identified as Issam ‘Adel Ghayatha, 27, Taleb Mahmoud Najajra, 31, Maher Hasan al-Malt, 39, and Mohannad Taleb Shakarna, 26.

In addition, the soldiers kidnapped Ali Mohammad Khalil, age 21, from ‘Anin village, while he was in the nearby village of Mareeha, south of Jenin.

The army claimed that the kidnapped Palestinians are “wanted for security violations”.

The soldiers also invaded the home of Walid Abdul-Hadi Abu ‘Obeid, in Faqqou’a neighboring village, searched and ransacked one home, and interrogated the family.

Furthermore, an Israeli military source in occupied Jerusalem said the soldiers kidnapped one Palestinian allegedly, “after he tried to attack a soldier with an axe”.

The army said that the Palestinian man, 29 years of age, was trying to cross the “Tunnel Roadblock”, south of Jerusalem, and that the soldiers ordered the man to stop “before noticing an axe under his shirt’.

On Wednesday evening, soldiers invaded Ya’bad town, to the south of Jenin, and clashed with local youth. The army fired rounds of live ammunition, gas bombs and concussion grenades; several Palestinians suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation.

In related news, a number of fanatic settlers, from the Mabo Dotan illegal settlement, threw stones and empty bottles at Palestinian cars driving on the main Jenin-Tulkarem road.