BDS: UEFA Decides Against Jerusalem Tournament Bid

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According to, the Union of European Football Associations has rejected an Israeli bid to host games during the 2020 European Championships. Meanwhile, an Israeli court has extended the arrest of Palestinian national football team player, Sameh Maraa’beh, without any clear charge. The UEFA decision follows a campaign by Palestinian sports teams and campaign groups and activists all across Europe, reports the Palestinian BDS National committee:

The Israeli Football Association recently propped a bid to host games in Jerusalem as part of the UEFA 2020 tournament. The games will take place across 13 cities, but the UEFA announced on Friday that Jerusalem was not successful in its move.

Israel was one of just 6 cities that failed in its bid to host games.

Full article at BDS Movement’s official website.

In related news, an Israeli court has extended the arrest of both Palestinian national football team player, Sameh Maraa’beh, and the head of the Qalqilyah Islamic Club, Moayyad Shrim, for another week, without any clear charge, according to the Palestinian News Network (PNN).

The extension is the 8th for both prisoners in Majiddo (Megiddo) prison, located in the Valley of Jezreel, after the failure of Israel to find them guilty.

Sameh’s father was reportedly shocked by the court decision, as he has not been able to see his son for more than the 15 minutes of legal rhetoric which comprised the Israeli court session.

PNN notes that Sameh was arrested last April, at the Jericho checkpoint, on his way back from a camp abroad with the national team in Qatar.

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