Indirect talks between Israelis and Palestinians, with the aim of consolidating the Gaza truce are set to resume in Cairo, Egypt, on Wednesday, two days following new reconciliation negotiations between Fatah and Hamas, according to officials.On August 26 of this year, both sides agreed to an open-ended ceasefire which ended 50 days of wanton devastation in the Gaza Strip, providing for a resumption of negotiations within a month’s time, for discussing issues as yet unresolved.

These issues include the demand of a seaport and restoration of the regional airport, as well as the exchange of Palestinian prisoners for the remains of captured Israeli soldiers, according to AFP.

The talks will be preceded by formal attempts at negotiations between the Fateh faction of president Mahmoud Abbas and longtime rival party Hamas.

‘Egypt has invited Palestinian and Israeli delegations to resume talks in Cairo on September 24,’ a Palestinian official said.

An Egyptian official has confirmed the date, adding that Fatah and Hamas have also been invited to meet on Monday.

There has been no official word from Israel, as of yet.

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