The Palestine Prisoners’ Society said, on Sunday, that Israeli authorities have imprisoned 560 Palestinian citizens since the beginning of this September alone, referring to legal files and records kept by the club.According to the Palestinian News Network, the records indicate that the Hebron province has witnessed the highest rates of imprisonment, with 163 prisoners, followed by Jenin province, with 108.

The ranking of prisoners in Palestinian provinces was as follows: Jerusalem 80 prisoners, Ramallah and Al-Bireh 65 prisoners, Bethlehem 49 prisoners, Nablus 26 prisoners, Tulkarem 23 prisoners, Qalqilya 8 prisoners, and the total of 38 prisoners from Salfit, Tubas and Jericho.

In a related vein, Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency further reports that
over 85,000 Palestinians were arrested since the second Intifada broke out, in September of the year 2000.

Some 2,500 Palestinians were arrested over the alleged abduction of three Israeli settlers in Hebron in last June, according to the Commission of Detainees and Ex-detainees’ Affairs.

(See for background info on this matter.)

Statics further revealed that 10,000 Palestinians aged between 12-18 were arrested by Israeli forces, 250 of whom are still in jail — a stark violation of international law.

1,000 Palestinian women, girls, wives and mothers were also arrested, four of them gave birth inside prison under very harsh circumstances. 19 Palestinian women are still in jail. Lina Jerboni has been in jail since 2002.

Al Ray further reports that, during the same period, Israeli forces arrested more than 65 Palestinian MPs and ministers, most of whom were kept in administrative detention without charge or trial.

30 MPs and two ministers are still in the confinement of Israeli prisons, the commission said.

Furthermore, 73 Palestinians who were released under the terms of Shailt swap deal in 2011 have now been re-arrested, following the disappearance of the three Israeli settlers.

Hundreds of Palestinian patients, journalists, academics and political leaders were also detained in Israeli prisons.

The commission denounced Israel’s administrative detention policy — an outdated measure first implemented in the days of British Mandate Palestine — as Israeli authorities issued over 24,000 administrative detention orders since the second Intifada first sparked.

Finally, these administrative detention orders have now risen to some 500 in the past three months alone.

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