Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the United Nations Human Rights Council for its refusal to accept Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip, on Monday, saying that it encouraged resistance fighters to use human shields as a war tactic.He asserted that speaking out against Israeli attacks on Gaza sends ‘a message to terrorists everywhere: use children as human shields’, in an address to the UN General Assembly in New York, according to Ynet.

‘The UNHRC has betrayed its noble mission to protect the innocent. The Human Rights Council has become the Terrorist Rights Council,’ he added.

Ma’an reports that Netanyahu also slammed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ speech before the Assembly, in which he accused Israeli forces of ‘genocide’ during the recent 50-day offensive on Gaza.

Meanwhile, Gaza resistance killed a comparitive 73 people on the Israeli side, most of whom were soldiers.

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‘We did not deliberately target civilians in Gaza and we regret every civilian casualty,’ he said.

‘Our soldiers uphold the highest moral values of any army in the world — they should be admired not condemned.’

— Editor’s note: Nearly 80% of all those killed in Gaza this summer — some 2,137 according to Ministry of Health statistics — were civilians. Nearly 600 of these victims were children, with many of the survivors now facing lifelong injuries and other health crises, including permanent disfigurement.

Approximately 11,000 people were injured, in all, many severely so.

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The PM further accused Palestinian armed resistance in Gaza of using civilians as human shields, the Israeli army’s near-daily narrative which echoed across mainstream media outlets during the assault.

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Netanyahu also accused Palestinian political faction Hamas of being similar to the so-called ‘Islamic State’ group which has seized territory in Iraq and Syria, even in light of recent alternative news footage which clearly shows Takfiri terrorists being hosted by Israeli forces in the Golan Heights.

‘Hamas’ immediate goal is to destroy Israel but has a wider goal the same as ISIS,’ he said.

Hamas officials, including senior leader Khaled Mashal, have repeatedly rejected the comparison, insisting that the armed struggle is against the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Further note: Palestinians have no official military to speak of, outside of PA security teams which are heavily coordinated with Israeli security. Default Hamas rockets are not even equipped with guidance systems and basically consist of hollow tubes stuffed with dynamite, with the majority of reports on Hamas attacks describing projectiles which fall into unpopulated areas of the Negev.

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