On the 30th of September, six young men from the village of Qarawat Bani Hassan, south of Nablus, were arrested by the Israeli military.

4th October 2014 | International Solidarity Movement | Nablus Team

At 1am, five jeeps with around 20 solders surrounded the village looking for Jema Kanan (23-years old), Jema Rayan (22-years old), Yousef Rayan (19-years old), Khalil Assan (20-years old), Wahbi Rayan (17-years old), and Hazem Assi (18-years old).

The solders entered several houses looking for the men, breaking doors and terrifying the families.

The solders arrested two brothers from the same family, the older brother has just got married and his wife is four moths pregnant with their first child.

She was alone in their house sleeping when the solders broke up two of their doors. The woman had to go to the hospital due to being afraid of miscarrying their child.

The solders threatened many of the families, including a 16-year-old brother who they threatened to beat if he did not give information about his brother.

Since July, 21 men have been arrested from the village. In July the villagers held a demonstration to protest the massacre in Gaza, and shortly after the arrests began.

Only five of the men have been given a date for their trial, the other 16 are still waiting in prison.