High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security, Federica Mogherni, says that the European Union will have an important role in Gaza’s reconstruction process.According to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, Mogherni pointed out that she will also participate in the Gaza conference that to be held in Cairo next Sunday, as Italy’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs reported.

She expressed appreciation in front of the European Parliament, on Wednesday, ‘the great role of the European Union as a facilitator in the process of Gaza reconstruction and in the political solution to the Palestinian issue’.

Ms. Mogherni also reportedly stressed the necessity of supporting the Palestinian political leaders and the Palestinian national government, pointing out that the European Union is ready to provide all forms of assistance to the Palestinian government ‘to administrate the Gaza Strip and to achieve the necessary reforms’.

The Palestinian government will ask donor countries for $4 billion in funds dedicated to Gaza’s reconstruction, at the Cairo conference, including the solution of the humanitarian crisis caused by the Israeli aggression and the blockade imposed on Gaza since 2007, and achieving a sustainable economic development in the Strip.

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