Interview with Rami Almeghari in Gaza, by the Emoprog Army podcastHosted by @violentfanon, @TerrinaMajnoona, and first-time co-host @BenjaminNorton. We have back on Rami Almeghari, a university lecturer and writer for Electronic Intifada living in Gaza. Last time Rami spoke to us was during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, while he was in the process of evacuating his home in al-Maghazi refugee camp in the face of an impending IDF strike on his neighborhood. We talk to Rami about the aftermath of Israel’s horrific assault on Gaza, and discuss the planned reconstruction effort. We discuss the severe limitations of the NGO-led reconstruction approach, especially in a context where Israel is not held responsible for its past actions. Rami discusses the steps, as he sees them, that must be taken in order to bring hope for a brighter future back to the Palestinian people.

Follow Rami’s work at Electronic Intifada, including his most recent piece which we discuss extensively during the episode. Also, make sure to listen to our first interview with Rami from July. It is probably the most important show we have ever done.

Also, don’t miss Ben Norton’s latest piece for Mondoweiss which we discuss at the beginning of the episode.

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