The Israeli army issued an order illegally confiscating dozens of Dunams of Palestinian agricultural lands, belonging to residents of Rantis village, west of the central West Bank city of Ramallah.Head of the Rantis Village Council Moayyad Wahdan stated that the army handed a military order illegally confiscating 48 Dunams of lands, north of the village.

Wahdan added that the order only stated the lands would be used for military purposes,.

He said the villagers intend to challenge the order in Israeli courts in an attempt to void it.

The village lost hundreds of Dunams of agricultural lands in three main areas when Israel started the construction of the Annexation Wall in Rantis village lands in 2004.

The Annexation Wall has turned various Palestinian communities in the occupied West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem into isolated cantons, led to massive illegal annexation of Palestinian farmlands and orchards, and is limiting the ability of the Palestinians to enter their own lands and orchards that became completely isolated.

In 2004, the International Court of Justice issued an advisory ruling considering the Israeli Annexation Wall illegal, a direct breech of International Law, and called on Israel to remove it. Tel Aviv ignored the ruling.…/1743